(Annie Lennox)


I didn’t mean to make you suffer
I didn’t mean to make you cry
You didn’t mean to make me suffer
You didn’t mean to make me cry

When sweet memories of a life lived together vanish into desperation and bitterness, recalling how it all begun might only exacerbate the pain: “I didn’t want to know you, I didn’t mean to be a friend; but now it seems I’d run through burning fire just to see your face again”. Then the temptation to turn back becomes very strong and may obliterate all the doubts: “Nothing and no one touches me like you, but how could I believe in this when none of it was true?”. But some things cannot be forgotten so easily… “Oh my darling, oh my lover, all the words come back to me; I remember, I remember everything you said to me”.

“Twisted” is track number 10 on Bare (2003).