As announced on the official Shakespears Sister website, you can now pre order the #3: Expanded Edition double CD set now.  The set will cost £15 and feature the original album plus a wealth of extra bonus material, most of which are released on CD for the very first time!

Pre order now!

Here is a working track listing, which is subject to change before the final release.  The tracks marked with an * are known to have Dave Stewart credits for songwriting, production or as a musician, and no doubt there will be some tracks on the bonus disc that also feature Dave, in particular, track 14 seems to be interesting, Live At The Church (Session).

Disc 1:
01. Go *
02. I Can Drive *
03. Do I Scare You? *
04. Opportunity Knockers
05. Can U Wait That Long? *
06. Oh Dear
07. Excuse Me John *
08. The Older Sister *
09. Singles Party
10. I Never Could Sing Anyway

Disc 2:
01. Hopeless
02. Dial F For Freedom
03. The Attic Song (#3 Demo Version)
04. What’s It Like To Be So Wonderful (#3 Demo Version)
05. I Can Drive (Pull Your Pants Down Mix)
06. I Can Drive (Pull Your Pants Down Dub)
07. I Can Drive (Roger Weed Remix)
08. Suddenly
09. Oh No, It’s Michael
10. I Could Never Sing (Extended Version)
11. Do I Scare You (Extended Mix)
12. Do I Scare You (w/Flood and Moulder)
13. Do I Scare You (Indian Strings Version)
14. Live At The Church (Session)
15. Waiting (Full length version)
16. The Poison Tree