Today is Bob Dylan’s 70th Birthday.  Dave Stewart and Bob Dylan have been friends for many, many years, from Dave producing tracks for Bob, filming him in Camden, to Vegas playing as support to Bob in Japan for a few shows, Dave gave his home over to the recording of The Travelling Willbury’s album and on Dave’s soon to be released Blackbird Diaries, there is a track, Worth The Waiting For, co-written with Dylan.

Recently Dave has said “We were always doing stuff but not really trying to play together or be a band,” said Stewart of Dylan, for whom he has directed various music videos. “We recorded lots of stuff, sometimes in my church, sometimes in my kitchen, and put it down on cassettes.”

Dave Stewart was mentioned in an article in the Daily Telegraph today about working with Bob Dylan.  See below.

Here’s a video of Bob and Dave on The Old Grey Whistle Test in 1985

Source : Daily Telegraph
My strange encounter with Bob Dylan

Musician and producer Dave Stewart knows a lot of famous people (indeed, he’s pretty famous himself). But he has one friend who has almost gone beyond fame, into a kind of mythological realm usually the preserve of the deceased. As an icon of modern popular culture, Bob Dylan occupies the same kind of territory as Elvis Presley and John Lennon, something that was brought home to Stewart when he set out with Dylan on an impromptu stroll through Camden Market in the early Nineties. No one approached them for autographs or photographs. Instead people would go pale, stop in their tracks and gesticulate open mouthed, as if they couldn’t believe what they were witnessing was real. Stewart described the experience to me as “like walking with a ghost”.

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