Source : The Independent On Sunday

As the Sunday Times reveals its annual Rich List, the Independent On Sunday published it’s top 100 Happy List.  The list names 100 outstanding examples of people who volunteer, care, educate, or do something special to make Britain a more contented, better-adjusted, and supportive place.

The Happy List began as an antidote to The Sunday Times Rich List – that annual worshipping at the shrine of wealth, bonuses, large inheritances, and sharp elbows. We wanted to celebrate a different set of values: the people who put good work ahead of fat profit. Our list honours those who give back, rather than take; those who help others or do something worthwhile without thought of enriching themselves, and, in many cases, at considerable personal cost.

The result, this year, is 100 Britons ranging from the man who has run an animal rescue centre for 35 years and the founder of a project which has helped disaster victims in 65 countries, to an ex-dealer in drugs who is now a youth mentor. There are charity founders, wildlife conservationists, community stalwarts, and a mother who lost three of her own babies and who has since helped thousands of other women avoid the same fate.

Annie Lennox makes the list with the following text:

Annie Lennox – Singer

As well as three decades of chart hits, she is also an Oxfam ambassador. She initiated the Sing campaign, inspired by Nelson Mandela in 2007, that helps women and children affected by Aids. Has donated tour profits to Amnesty International and Greenpeace, and is a Unesco goodwill ambassador.

You can view the full Top 100 here