Here’s the long anticipated trailer for the Stevie Nicks album “In Your Dreams”, this is the work of two geniuses without any doubt!

Stevie Nicks fans have been tweeting about it all night, here’s just a few comments:

SandyMac1981 Phenomenal work on Stevie’s trailer! You “get” Stevie and it shows. The imagery is outstanding! GREAT JOB

SeanKellyGuitar damn @DaveStewart , that new Stevie Nicks preview sounds amazing…great production!

bronteblair9 The trailer for In Your Dreams is just amazing ! I am in awe. Love you and Stevie very much. Keep up the great work ! <3

wildheart17 Wow! I was looking forward to the album, now I am jumping out of my skin with excitement! This is going to be big!
LawnGnomeGirl I see alot of sizzle trailers/promo vids for music but the new Stevie Nicks’ one is fantastic. Bravo,

The album is out on May 3rd from all good online retailers!