Source : The Guardian

In today’s Guardian newspaper in the UK, there is an interview with Stevie Nicks where she talks about working with Dave Stewart, the extract is below. You can read the full interview from the link above. The album In Your Dreams is out on Warner Music on 27 June in the UK and May 3rd in the US.

As for the song “Everybody Loves You” (“We cause each other such pain… at home or on stage”), the music and chorus were written by Dave Stewart. He based it on one of 40 poems in Nicks’s journal that she concedes is about Fleetwood Mac’s guitarist. “And the reason Dave wrote the chorus the way he did was because of his relationship with Annie Lennox. So we had two duos. Dave understood. He’s the same way with Annie – ‘Everybody loves you… no one really knows you, I’m the only one’ – I’m the only one that knew you before you were famous. So I let the song go ahead and be about Lindsey, and he let the song be about Annie.”