“Ghosts in My Machine”

(Annie Lennox)

I’m bruised and battered by the storm

Can’t find a place to keep me warm

My mind is broken and forlorn


“I’ve seen too much, I know too much, I hurt too much, I feel too much, I dread too much, I dream too much; I’m caught up by the ghosts in my machine”: chase all these shadows away, banish them from your life! When darkness takes hold, it could be very difficult to resist to its dangerous temptations and search for oblivion: “Gimme some of that medicine to make me forget, I need some amnesia ’cause I ain’t found it yet”. But maybe there are some other attractions that can pull oneself out of the gloom: “Ooh I still want you baby, I guess I’ll always do; ooh I still love you baby, I guess I’ll always do”.

“Ghosts in My Machine” is the fourth track on Songs of Mass Destruction (2007).