“Cold” (Annie Lennox)

Winter has frozen us

Let love take hold of us

Now we are shivering

Blue ice is glittering

Even the warmest desire could fail trying to melt an icy heart: “Come to me, run to me, do and be done with me: cold, cold, cold; don’t I exist for you? Don’t I still live for you? Cold, cold, cold”. And when this wintry realm appears so impervious, it’s easy to be discouraged and angry: “Come on now, come on now, come on now, I’m telling you that I love you right from the start; but the more I want you, the less I get: ain’t that just the way things are?”.

This rousing statement by Annie Lennox (reportedly one of her favourite creations), was released in 1992, both as the fifth track on Diva and the next to last single taken from the album.