Weapons Of Mass Entertainment artist Nadirah X talks about Dave Stewart in a new half hour interview with Irish and Chin.  Although the interview was filmed last year, it’s well worth a watch.  What a fascinating lady Nadirah is.

She speaks about how she first met Dave, moving to London then with the whole team to LA.  She talks about the Tomb Raider film and her contribution to the soundtrack, as well as her contribution to the Alfie soundtrack in London, where  she worked with Mick Jagger and Joss Stone in the Abbey Road Studios.  She then speaks about being featured on Annie Lennox’s Songs of Mass Destruction album.  Nadirah also spoke about the work with Conspiracy For Good with Tim Kring.  Nadirah also talks about her album Ink and the single Here it Comes, and the fact that Virgin Media and Sky in the UK both picked it up for broadcast.

Nadirah starts talking about Dave at 9:40 in.

You can watch the whole video here