In 6 weeks time (May 3rd), the latest Stevie Nicks album co-written and produced with Dave Stewart is released.  Titled In Your Dreams, it is the first solo album from Stevie for 10 years. We’ve documented the work Dave Stewart and Stevie have undertaken in the last year in our news pages, and finally all of the results are near. Fans from both artists are very excited by this long overdue colaboration, Stevie has co-written for the first time in her career and through Dave has discovered a new way of working.

The first single Secret Love is available for download now and can be listened to below.

The tracklist is not confirmed yet, but is believed to be along the lines of:

Moonlight – A Vampire’s Dream
For What It’s Worth
In Your Dreams
The Ghosts Are Gone
New Orleans
Secret Love
The Soldier’s Angel (w/ Lindsey Buckingham) 
Annabel Lee
Italian Summer
Everybody Loves You
Wide Sargasso Sea
You May Be The One
Cheaper Than Free

She’s about to go on tour with Rod Stewart, and has been speaking to a lot of press about the new album and tour. You can listen to some of the interviews below – Source

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Download: [Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3]

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