Yes folks, it’s Red Nose Day here in the UK, and we want to have some fun today, so we’re bringing you some fun posts in the next 12 hours. This is the 4th post of the day.

Sleeveface is an internet phenomenon wherein one or more persons obscure or augment body parts with record sleeve(s), causing an illusion.Sleeveface has become popular on social networking sites.

The precise origin of the concept is unknown. The term ‘Sleeveface’ was coined in April 2007 by Cardiff resident Carl Morris after pictures were taken of him and his friends holding record sleeves to their faces whilst Djing in a Cardiff Bar. His friend John Rostron posted them on the internet and created a group on the nascent Facebook social networking site. From here the craze became more widely known.

John Rostron and Carl Morris are authors of the book ‘Sleeveface : Be The Vinyl’ published in 2008 by Artisan/Workman which compiles sleevefaces from the worldwide submissions to their website

The phenonmenon has even reached the realms of marketing and advertising, the featured picture here is for Toronto Radio Station Boom 97.3 so here’s some Eurythmics related Sleevefaces!

If you know of any more, send them top us at and we’ll add them to the gallery!