Yes folks, it’s Red Nose Day here in the UK, and we want to have some fun today, so we’re bringing you some fun posts in the next 12 hours.

Comic Relief is close to Annie’s heart, and frequently supports their vents through live appearances and filming videos to promote the incredible work that Comic Relief undertakes. Comic Relief works closely with Annie’s SING campaign, and manages the SING fund on her behalf.

Although the subject is always serious, today is about having fun and contributing. All the details can be seen on the official website. Annie will be making an appearance and will perform at some point during the evening.

So stay tuned, watch out for our posts, and if you feel compelled, please make a donation.

So lets kick off with Noel Fielding and Bill Bailey, two UK comedians taking part in a favourite music quiz show called Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Two team members have to perform a song without singing. No guesses whose song they are singing.