“The Saddest Song I’ve Got”

(Annie Lennox)

The troubles of the day

Took my breath away

Took my breath away

After an acrimonious split, when rage begins to soften and guilty feelings appear unnecessary, sadness takes hold and spreads its gloomy halo over heart and soul: “And I want you not, I need you not; I’m dying ’cause this is the saddest song I’ve got”.

It’s so damn difficult trying not to sink when everything seems meaningless: “And I’m frozen still, unspoken still, heartbroken; remembering something I forgot”.

One of Annie’s most sincere and sorrowful compositions ever, “The Saddest Song I’ve Got” is included on Bare (2003), her third solo album in which she works through the painful experience of divorce relying on the healing power of music. (Michele Aversa)

Here’s an emotional video that is on YouTube (not approved or authorsied by Annie Lennox, however really puts the song into context well)