From The House Of Me

On February 8th, Prince Charles and Thokozani Khupe – representing Prime Minister Morgan Tvangarai – will preside over the first annual charity gala for the A to Z Trust
They will be joined by an international audience of the most senior individuals in philanthropy and business who are galvanized to raise money for a number of important projects in Zimbabwe  including the reconstruction of Zimbabwe’s historic National Gallery and Library in Harare.

The event is expressly non-political. The generosity of the donors will make it possible for all Zimbabweans to benefit from the enhanced facilities of a revitalised gallery and a modern library as well as a number of smaller community based initiatives with the specific aim of creating focal points for education, health, art and culture in the lives of the population. The buildings will include state of the art technology and allow for the re-training of an enterprising people as they prepare to embrace their future.

The A to Z Trust is a Scottish registered charity with the aims and objectives: prevention/relief of poverty, advancement of education, advancement of health and relief of those in need due to age, ill-health, disability or financial hardship.

To celebrate the charm of the culture of Zimbabwe the select group of 200 international guests will gather at one of London’s most prestigious venue for a dinner with entertainment headlined by Annie Lennox.
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The A to Z Trust wants to achieve the following things in the immediate future in order to help 
the deprived people of Zimbabwe improve their standards of living, achieve a basic education and restore their lost self esteem: ~ 

  • Establish a permanent base in Zimbabwe to provide first hand assistance; 
  • Encourage the adoption of schools and education districts to ensure the availability of qualified teachers and the provision of essentials such as text/exercise books and other essential learning materials/aids, and computers plus a continuing source of income to maintain the initiative; 
  • Provide financial support for food, clothing and compulsory school fees; 
  • Assist those who are able to progress to tertiary education to acquire the necessary skills to help rebuild Zimbabwe.

In the longer term there will be an urgent need to assist with the development of self help projects which will enable people to raise their meagre standards of living; assist with the development of new housing and provide support for newly established communities once normalcy is achieved. 

The needs of Zimbabweans will continue for many years and it is essential to provide a solid base upon which to build their futures. All donations to the trust are applied entirely for the benefit of those we seek to assist.