[singlepic id=4624 w=200 h=150 float=left]Wide Eyed Girl – Eurythmics (Savage 1987)

She was a wide eyed girl of a tender age

Just moving out of her sensitive phase

She said: “I love you baby, it’s for always

And I don’t care what the teacher says”

A charming girl walks through the streets of Rome, reeling on her stilettos and attracting all the boys’ attention; but she simply doesn’t care: “She was looking for you, daddy, oh, never there”.
Still unaware of her beauty, she only seeks an unselfish lover to fill the lack of parental affection, and she’s not going to be taken easily by empty promises of success: “She could have had money but she didn’t care”.
“Wide Eyed Girl” is included on “Savage” as the tenth track.