“Love Is Blind”

(Annie Lennox)

Can’t you see that I’m addicted

To the notion of a someone

Who could take me from this wretched state?

World is overwhelming: this is a simple and undeniable truth, but living in this mad place everyday can lead on the verge of overloading: “I got so much trouble getting into this, can’t decide if its hell or bliss; sometimes I feel like I don’t exist, cut my veins and slit my wrists”.

In these moments, even a half hearted and discontinuous love may be the proverbial sheet anchor preventing a big, blinding fall in the dark: “Even though your thrill is gone, all my feeling still remain; even though your thrill is gone I’m gonna love you just the same”.

“Love Is Blind” is the second track on “Songs of Mass Destruction”, Annie Lennox’s latest (not seasonal) full length album, released in 2007. (Michele Aversa)