On New Years Day, Ino Hillert made the announcement on his Eurythmics fansite ethrill.net that it would no longer be updated. See below.

EThrill has been part of Eurythmics fans online experience for many many years, and Ino’s time and commitment over the last 11 years has been amazing, we’re just about to reach our 8th birthday here and we know ho hard it can be at times to keep up. It would only be fair that we publicly thank Ino for filling in the gaps in the years with no news, but as he rightly says, Dave and Annie are much more accessible these days on the web, and news is far easier to find.  We have always viewed our site as complimentary to Ino’s news service while we tended to concentrate on our archives. We will do our best to offer a good news service for everyone to follow.

Ino Hillert, Thank you for everything you have done.

Quote from Ino

Hi all,

as the webmaster of ethrill.net – The Eurythmics Fanweb I have made a decision lately to stop updating this site altogether – today. I’ve been keeping this the project alive as a hobby since 1999 when there was almost no other frequently updated Eurythmics news source on the web, but times have changed and now it’s time for me to move on to other things.

I was happy to bring constantly growing numbers of fans worldwide something eurythmic (sometimes even the thrill the site’s name implies although it was first an anagram) at an often more than daily basis for the past 11 1/2 years. This doesn’t mean I am not a fan (or collector) anymore, it just means that I don’t express this here anymore. ethrill.net is going to stay online the way it looks now for at least another 6 months.

For news on the careers and personal lifes of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, now that they are both constantly present online, check out their official websites AnnieLennox.com and DaveStewart.com, follow them on Twitter or Facebook or join the fan discussions in the Eurythmics Yahoo Group.

Please keep also in mind the SING Campaign and Stand Up To Cancer, two organisations that deserve your support.

Lots of thanks to all the great fans, the artists (especially Dave Stewart himself) and their “entourage” who supported, entertained and enlightened me through the years. See you out there.

Stay eurythmic


January 1, 2011″