Welcome to Day 25, the final of this years Ultimate Eurythmics Advent Calendar.

Thank you for all your kind words, support and for taking part.  Thanks for helping raise awareness of Stand Up 2 Cancer, and for donating.

In the process of running this advent calendar, 2 more people I know have been diagnosed with cancer, if you haven’t donated, then please consider donating a small amount to help this innovative charity.

Today we have an amazing treat for you, this is something very special, and has never publicly been seen before, Merry Xmas and Enjoy!

Your special treat today is something really quite amazing, for the first time ever, we can reveal the alternative artwork that was proposed for the Eurythmics album Savage.  A very kind collector has loaned us the items so we could get them professionally photographed to present here today.  Along with the artwork, we also show some rare Savage promotional items, including a rarely seen Advance Savage LP from Australia in a different sleeve and an interview LP and cassette.

Thank you for all your kind words and wished over the year, this site wouldn’t be the same without your constant input and help, and on that note, a huge thanks to our main contributors without whom we could not run. Thanks to Rex, Norma, Craig, Michele, Chris and Erin.

We’ve got lots of new features coming in the New Year as our archives continue to grow.

Have a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.  Click here to view the artwork.