A Conspiracy For Good Video has been released over the last few days which features Weapons Of Mass Entertainment artist Nadirah X, as well a brief glimpse of the secret gig that Dave Stewart performed at alongside Nadirah and Anne Marie Calhoun.  For anyone who missed the whole concept earlier this year, Conspiracy For Good is a fictional organisation that is part of an “augmented reality drama” game developed by Heroes creator Tim Kring, funded and technologically-enabled by Nokia and realised by The company P, and over 100 people in production teams in five different countries.  Described as a radical form of entertainment of Social Benefit Storytelling, a fictional game played in real life with real life benefits.  As a result of the project Conspiracy For Good, Nokia, and Room To Read enabled 5 libraries to be built in Zambia, funded 50 scholarships for girls, and donated 10,000 books  through wegivebooks.org

All in all an amazing journey for everyone involved, the video below shows just how many people took part, how many people were involved, but maybe is just a small taste of things to come…  Visit http://www.conspiracyforgood.com/ for more details.