Annie Lennox was the subject of  a one hour show featuring an interview with Mark Goodier entitled A Life In Music. The show was broadcast on Smooth FM on Sunday afternoon.

In an interview stretching back to The Tourists and coming right up to date with “A Christmas Cornucopia”, Annie was giving some very candid answers to some interesting questions, she talks about the track “Step By Step” that Whitney Houston sang, she speaks how she wasn’t keen on on the final version of the film Dracula that “Lovesong For A Vampire” was created for, but perhaps most revealing were the comments made about “Bare”. Annie reveals that the whole period around “Bare” in her words was a travesty, when the album was first recorded and it went to the stage of mixing the album, it all went wrong, and “went down the drain” and re-recorded the album from scratch with Steve Lipson which was fine, but when it came to recording videos, nothing worked, Annie was having a bad time and felt the whole thing had a sort of jinx on it.

You can hear the interview here:

Part 1

Part 2