Annie Lennox hot footed it over to the BBC Radio London studios after being on BBC Radio 2.

She appeared on the Robert Elms show and spoke about “Universal Child”. Again she mentioned she hadn’t intended on writing “Universal Child”. It came about in the middle of recording the Christmas album, “A Christmas Cornucopia”. All of a sudden at the keyboard, she put a line universal child to a melody and the song got recorded with Mike Stevens.

She spoke about how Eurythmics bought their own equipment so they could home record, and she likes the idea of not going into expensive studios, so she is free to do what she wants to.

The creative process of writing and recording is still mysterious to Annie, she doesn’t think there is any formula to it!  Annie was asked to choose a list of songs in an earlier interview and she spoke about the George Harrison classic “My Sweet Lord”.

Because Annie is not Christian, she felt she could enjoy the carols because of the sound and spirit of the songs, but couldn’t identify with the religious element, but what it does show is that people should be respectful, tolerant and kind.

Annie also spoke about how much she enjoys performing still, but what she doesn’t enjoy is the travelling, and the cost of hiring a band and travelling with a band is very expensive. Annie still has the desire to make music, in the studio, that is the core aspect of her creative work, and she is so happy when she sings and is making music. There will always be an audience for your music, some will love you and some will loathe you. Annie knows that some people will be negative about her work she does, but she feels that she has to do something and hopefully inspire others to get engaged.

She wants to spend her time on things that inspire her!

You can use the listen again service on BBC Radio London here, for people outside of the UK, you can hear the interview below.

Part 1 – Robert Elms introducing Universal Child

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part 2 – Robert Elms Interview

[audio:|titles=Annie Lennox on BBC London Robert Elms Part 2]

Part 3 – Robert Elms Interview

[audio:|titles=Annie Lennox on BBC London Robert Elms Part 3]

You can also hear the interview Annie did with Ken Bruce earlier today on Radio 2 here