Ken Bruce welcomed Annie Lennox into his studio this morning after playing “There Must Be An Angel Playing With My Heart”.

Annie handed Ken her new single “Universal Child”. Annie talked about “A Christmas Cornucopia”.  Annie said she loves all sorts of music, and that although she isn’t religeous, she can enjoy the carols, they are part of everyone’s life.

There are a couple of tracks, including the French one, Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant, that Annie sang as a child, that she feels is part of our Euro inheritance.  Annie spoke about the recording of the album, and her work with Mike Stevens, in his home studio in his garage. Annie had no list of carols that she had planned to record, she took them one at a time and then chose the next. She likes to think of the album as an excursion that you can tune into and relax. Annie wanted to make a traditional lasting piece of work.

“Universal Child” had never been intended to be written. Annie was sitting at the keyboard one afternoon, and had this title in her head, and all of a sudden she started to play and then the song just got created, and today Annie still feels its a miracle that songs got written. She got Mike to get the tape on and the whole song was written in just one day.  Once the song is written, its like a rough sketch, that then needs working on.

Annie also spoke briefly about her forthcoming appearance at Voicestorm.

“Universal Child’s” income is going to The Annie Lennox Foundation, Annie likes giving her time and energy to help give back. Annie is not trying to be saintly she just feels passionately about children. Every child is precious, but there a many that have no or little chance.

Annie finished the interview by saying she just wants to keep recording songs and music, she still see’s it as a privilege.

You can hear the interview with Annie below.

[audio:|titles=Annie Lennox on Ken Bruce 2010]

For obvious reasons “Universal Child” is not included in this recording. After the track Annie spoke for another minute about Christmas.

[audio:|titles=Annie Lennox on Ken Bruce 2010 Part 2]

“Universal Child” will be available to download from iTunes all over the world tomorrow. You will also be able to use the listen again feature if you live in the UK here.

Annie has posted a YouTube video of the track on her YouTube channel so you can listen to it here