Annie spoke with Nick Wright on Magic FM this morning.
Annie spoke about her life just getting busier and that she would be doing a lot of travelling before Christmas. When asked did she expect to end where she did when she started The Tourists. It took Annie a long time to understand how her passion for music could turn into a career, and she really thought she would have to go back to Scotland. She knew she wanted to write, sing and perform.

By the time Annie got through the 80’s she felt she had to step off the bandwagon, the tail had started wagging the dog.
Annie spoke  about the music industry changing, and not so much for the good, but at least there are more female artists around now.
Annie was curious about exploring about whether she could produce a solo album and talks interestingly about the process she went through with “Diva”, and then Annie then spoke about “A Christmas Cornucopia”, she spoke about “Winter Wonderland” from 1987 and how popular it is, but it’s a popular Xmas song, whereas “A Christmas Cornucopia” is more traditional with a fresh twist.
Annie finished the interview by talking about the Sing Campaign and how she become involved through the 46664 foundation, and the income from “Universal Child” will go towards The Annie Lennox Foundation.

Part 1 – Introduction (Played Miracle Of Love)
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Part 2 – Interview Part 1 (Played Why)
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Part 3 – Interview Part 2 (Played Universal Child)
[audio:|titles=Annie Lennox on Nick Wright MagicFM – Part 3]

Part 4 – Close – Album release dates etc.
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