In the next email from Universal Records, they reveal more about the 3 editions of “A Christmas Cornucopia”. Firstly, the three editions are all coloured differently, blue for the standard CD, red for the Gatefold edition and Green for the vinyl. All are pictured below. What is interesting is the further detail on the limited edition version, see after the pictures.

We are very happy to announce that in addition to the gorgeous standard version of “A Christmas Cornucopia” there is now a beautiful limited edition red softpak version for you to own.

“I wanted A Christmas Cornucopia to have a very special kind of feeling in terms of visual representation. The idea was suggested that I should meet Julian House and the team at Intro, who not only create exceptional graphic design, but who also direct and produce wonderful videos. At our first encounter, I described the ideas and reference points I had in mind. I wanted something nostalgic, that could embody the essential spirit of whatever it is we seem to want to reconnect with at Christmas, incorporating a blend of something Victorian, Pagan and mythical at the same time. The starting point came with a portrait, which was created with the help of a hired dress, a garland of flowers, the photographic skills of Mike Owen, and Intro s Julian House, who used a special technique to turn contemporary photographic images back in time to a bygone era. This 24 page special edition piece is everything I wanted and more. The vibrant reds of the cover are in keeping with the tradition of Christmas, and the finish is both timeless and elegant. I hope that this particular Christmas Cornucopia presentation will become a collectable piece, that people can treasure and look forward to bringing out with the Christmas decorations for many years to come!” – Annie Lennox

And finally here is the e-shot which i received from Universal this morning.