“A Thousand Beautiful Things” (Annie Lennox)

So light me up like the sun

To cool down with your rain

I never want to close my eyes again

Never close my eyes, never close my eyes

Finding the beauty of existence in everyday life it’s not an easy task, especially when disappointments hit too strong: ” Every day I write the list of reasons why I still believe they do exist (A thousand beautiful things); and even though it’s hard to see the glass is full and not half empty (A thousand beautiful things)”. Thus is good to remember all those things a human being can be grateful for: “I thank you for the air to breathe the heart to beat, the eyes to see again (A thousand beautiful things); and all the things that’s been and done, the battles won, the good and bad in everyone (This is mine to remember)”.

This meaningful mantra has been released in 2003 as the first track on Bare.