Welcome to this perfect world

A young girl leaves her hometown, determined in making her dreams come true: “Bright lights and trains and bed-sit stains and pavements paved with gold; and I believed in everything that everybody told me”. But trying to survive in a big and hostile metropolis, relying only on ambitions, can be very hard: “I found myself in a lonely place with a suitcase full of dreams and I soon grow up to realize what living in the doghouse means”. However, the aforementioned lass is not a simple teenager, and she’s sure her future will be bright: “But everyday I told myself good things would have happened soon ’cause I knew that I was going to be a legend in my living room”. Though… “I shed my tears in bitter drops until the thorn trees bloomed to take the spiky fruit to crown myself the queen of doom”.

“Legend in Living Room” is the third track on Diva (1992).