“Don’t Take Me Down” – Annie Lennox

Ive been burned by the hell of damnation

Ive been burned by the hell of damnation

And I dont need to be taken there again

All I wants for this wounded heart to mend

Water is the symbol of life, an element that represents a strong desire of inner and outer purification: “I was floating in the cool of your river, I was drifting in a tide of pure water, oh wash me in the flood of creation”. And even though complaining about youth (and the consequent loss of innocence) is bitter, “Love is like a pool of forgiveness” and can provide us the strength to avoid sinking: “Don’t take me down my friend, I wanna live my time again yeah”.

“Don’t Take Me Down” was included only on the deluxe edition of Songs Of Mass Destruction (2007) released by Barnes & Noble.