The Business Playground Fan Interviews and Giveaway Competition Game

From May 15 – 23, 2010, the Eurythmics fansites and are presenting two EXCLUSIVE interviews with Dave Stewart and are giving away 10 copies of the book “The Business Playground” by Dave Stewart and Mark Simmons – signed by both Dave Stewart and Mark Simmons.

The Fan Interviews

On the weekend of May 8/9, 2010, Dave Stewart had long conversations with the fan webmasters Ino Hillert and Steve Gayler via phone from London.

He talked about The Business Playground, the situation of the world and possible solutions, his first songs written, the Factory Girls, Nokia, Dance Fabulous, upcoming musicals and performances and much, much more.

Read the first part of the first interview now on

On Monday, the first part of the interview will be published, with the second parts on Wednesday and Friday

The Giveaway Competition

The answer you need to enter the giveaway of 10 signed book lies within a Scavengers game from Dave Stewart’s book “The Business Playground” which we are proud to present here in a shortened version:

1. Answer 4 simple questions (doesn’t matter in which order).
2. The answer you choose determins where on the circular path below you move.
3. After the four moves you will find yourself at one of the ten points.
4. Go to its corresponding star on the map and find out the coordinates (like e.g. A-9).

5. Send the coordinates with your name and postal address to

Now let’s play!

Question Q1: How many sides are there on a standard pencil?
—- Answer A1: 6 SIDES = 3 spaces clockwise
—- Answer A2: 8 SIDES = 3 spaces anticlockwise
Question Q2: See on Monday, May 17
Question Q3: See on Wednesday, May 19
Question Q4: See on Friday, May 21

The competition is closing on Sunday, May 23, 12am CET.

The winners are going to be drawn and announced on Sunday, May 23.  Please note, winners will be asked to cover the cost of postage and packaging of their book.

Good luck from Dave, Ino and Steve!