Blog Update From The House Of Me:

Ever since I was a very young child, I could see that the world was absurd….cruel/hypocritical/unjust and unfathomable.
Many years on from that, I doubt that my view point has hugely changed..apart for getting into the experiential  nuances and  complexities of the aforesaid description of the way things are.
That  doesn’t mean to say that my capacity for joy/gratitude/appreciation/empathy etc have become compromised. On the contrary..I respond  even more keenly to the human condition now than I ever did…including all my/our short comings /failings…etc.. I love, and have always loved making music, because it is an amazing  vehicle  to express the things that I can’t access in any other way…
 I’m extremely uncomfortable with the reductionism of  “celebrity” ..because it ubiquitously draws in  rampant attention seekers/criminals/narcissists ..and, frankly…any dodgy set of individuals who flagrantly self promote, and evangelize, all for their own personal “perceived” benefits..either for filthy lucre, or personal aggrandizement.
None of it is beneficial/ fulfilling/or rewarding on a human level..Trust me..It comes with costs..terribly hidden ones. Whatever your projections are…. I’d encourage you to let them go.
Whatever you think is “normal” ..I challenge you to find the reliabilty in this conception..
 If you can temper your pre conceptions with respect.. appreciation… gratitude.. awareness.. flexibility.. compassion/empathy/tolerance….then you enter into a completely different dialogue.
 I’m a hugely pragmatic person…I don’t go easily for things that sound ungrounded and “flakey”…..but there’s so much good that could be done in this sad old planet..with focus/will and determination…
Trust are not an invisible are a part of a collective whole, if you’d allow it to be so…Nothing esoteric or spooky in that..It’s just a fact.
So please don’t write in saying “you don’t know what to do”…Use your imagination..bless xxxx