Thank you to everyone who joined us on Millennium Bridge in London. Rock star Annie Lennox and Cherie Lunghi, actress and Strictly Come Dancing Star, led the march along the Embankment, joined by a thousand supporters and a very vocal group of 7-8 year olds from a local primary school. Sarah Brown, wife of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and crusader for women’s rights in the UK and worldwide, joined us as we marched across the bridge.   

Annie Lennox, a long-time human rights campaigner, called for women and men to work together to improve the situation of women all around the world. She said: “This is an amazing event on an amazing day for women throughout the world. Today we come together as one and with one voice. It’s vital we speak out for women everywhere about the issues that affect them. We have to connect, connect, connect – because together we make a difference.”

At 12 noon 100 white dove balloons were
released to call for peace and an end to conflict throughout the world. After the midday balloon release all supporters moved to the Southbank Women’s Festival, to explore the work of organisations supporting women’s rights and to hear high profile event speakers.

Kate Nustedt, Executive Director of Women for Women International in the UK, said: “We celebrate all that’s been achieved by so many brave and inspirational women over the last hundred years, but we’re speaking out to say that there’s so much more to do. We’re calling for peace, and peace for a woman in a war-torn country like the Congo means being able to leave the house without fear of rape and being able to earn a living to support her family. Women in the UK can make a difference to the lives of other women by speaking out too – one woman can change anything, but many women together can change everything”.  Visit the website here to find out more information.  Now enjoy these stunning photographs.