Dave Stewart has always been too prodigiously creative for one band. A true Renaissance Rocker (and, in Bob Dylan’s assessment “a fearless innovator”) this founding member of Eurythmics went on to co-write songs with other artists (Tom Petty, Mick Jagger, Katy Perry), produce (Bon Jovi, Ringo Starr), create theatre (the musical Barbarella), film (the rock ‘n’ roll feature Honest, the documentary Deep Blues: A Musical Pilgrimage To The Crossroads) and in general became master of all media. Whatever you create, Dave Stewart has words of wisdom that apply directly to you.

This was how Dave’s keynote was presented to the delegates.  We’re pleased to share a few of the photos and videos from the web.

Dave performing with Cindy Gomez

and at 6.40 in, a snippet from Dave’s presentation.