Annie Lennox performed the classic Simon And Garfunkel track, Bridge Over Troubled Water on Sports Relief on Saturday evening whcih started with a very passionate plea for people to donate.  Rather than just ask for money, Annie was probably one of the most informed guests who could speak eloquently about the impact the money raised and spent has.

Annie also posted a blog on her MySpace page on Sunday.

My name is Annie, and I am a piano clutz….That’s the reason why I practiced and practiced all day yesterday, before performing Bridge Over troubled Water on Sport’s Relief. I love playing piano, and I love singing, but put the two things together…and I become…potentially ..” well…a clutz”.
My piano teacher…back in the day..once told me that I’d be the laughing stock of Aberdeen, as a kind of “boot up the ass to” get me to practice the pieces I was supposed to perform at a music festival.
Good intentions…but the scary imprint has lasted for 48 years, which means that I kind of freeze, or blank out..sporadically, when I have to sing and play simultaneously.. Which is the reason why I have little crib notes conveniently stashed in hidden places, like safety parachutes.
Live performances broadcast to millions can be a little stressing if you let the fear get to ya…so I’ve trained myself to be as Buddha cool as I can muster.
Anyhow…i’m glad to say that last night’s performance went swimmingly, and I even got A STANDING OVATION!!!….Three cherries folks!!!
PS..Stay tuned to find out how much Sports Relief raised last night…!!!!!

You can watch the performance here on the BBC Website : or here YouTube, although it is blocked in some countried including the UK