From The House Of Me As regular readers will know Annie Lennox posted a blog on 08.02.10  (click here to read) commenting on the proposed plans for a civic square over Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen. Annie’s comments were a response to a post from a concerned campaigner  in Annie’s forum (Click here to read the original post). Annie has called for residents of Aberdeen to get involved in the debate saying, “Aberdeen is your home town. Are you going to sit back, and do nothing while its beautiful historic centre gets ripped out and concreted over? It’s down to you to stop this happening.”

Residents are invited to join the public consultation on the official website here. The consultation is open until March 5th for residents to have their say and cast their vote for or against the proposed City Square Project.

Following Annies blog several newspapers and websites have posted articles about the debate. Use the links below to view the press coverage.
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PUBLIC apathy is threatening to sound the death knell for ambitious plans for a £140 million civic square in Aberdeen, the organisation spearheading the controversial development has warned.  With a day to go before the public consultation ends, only 3 per cent of the city’s population have commented on the scheme being championed by oil tycoon Sir Ian Wood.

Tom Smith, the head of the local economic forum, said: “I doubt we will ever have another opportunity like this again and I hope we are not going to throw it away because people who are supportive simply did not bother to take part in the consultation.”

Sir Ian, who is head of the Aberdeen-based global energy company the Wood Group, has pledged £50m of his personal fortune to create a street-level square on the site of the city’s historic Union Terrace Gardens. But he has threatened to walk away from the project unless the people of Aberdeen back the scheme.

The proposals have been dogged by controversy since they were first announced. Aberdeen-born pop legend Annie Lennox attacked the scheme as “idiocy and madness”.

More than 6,000 people, including Aberdeen-born pop legend Annie Lennox, have signed an online petition opposing the civic square proposals