As posted on MySpace:

“The first day of 2010 has now passed for me, and I’m going to bed…Time is so relative, meaning that it passes slowly or quickly depending on how it’s perceived. A part of me is still somewhat in denial of the fact that I’ve been in existence on the planet for five years over half a century…and another part is like…Next!! Next!!! This is just a short blog to say THANKYOU to everybody who sent in birthday messages/Xmas messages, and New Year messages…I hope that you’ve all had a lovely break, and that you’re not too hung over/bloated/wiped out etc…. We never know what’s ahead…but at least we can do our best with the time that we have right here….and we can possibly learn to be patient and philosophical in order to deal with all the challenges and inevitable pitfalls that might come along to rain on our parade…so may the sun always shine in your corner, and may you always have a handy umbrella nearby! BEST WISHES from the Scot!”