door01Welcome to day 17 of our 2009 advent calendar.

FANZINE : Todays issue in high quality is Issue 18 which can be viewed here

WINDOW BONUS : Todays Windows Bonus is the largest single update to the Collectors Discography.  You will also find a new user friendly menu system, and there are some new additions coming soon to make using the discography even easier to use.  This update includes over 800 new images and scans of records both in my collection and belonging to others.  Thanks have to go out to Craig, Rex, Danny, Norma, Diana, David, Chris and many many others who constantly send me pictures and items that are missing from the discography.  There are now over 11,000 images sitting behing the discography which is an incredible feat that I could not have achieved on my own.  You can get to the collectors discography from the main menu in our title bar.

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