Welcome to the first day of our advent calendar.

FANZINE : Todays treat is the first issue of the Eurythmics Fanzine, but we have both issues that were published, they have minor differences between them.  You can click here to view them both.

WAYS TO GET INVOLVED WITH SING : Ask your friends on Twitter and Facebook to visit the 







Visit the main Advent Calendar Here

TODAYS WINDOW BONUS : The gigograpy section of the website has been updated, along with over 200 new tickets, we’ve got loads of new posters and backstage passes too.  Visit the gigography from the main menu above.

The format of each day will work like this: Each day you will get three goodies, A link to open one of the newly scanned fazines, this is the first time that all of the fanzines will be available online in this high quality.  Secondly, an idea on how to get involved with the Sing Campaign and an occassional third Window Bonus!